Friday, March 15, 2013

First Companion and Week

So Elder White is doing fantastic! I am so glad he is having a great time doing the Lords work and learning much. These excerpts from him are sent to his sister (me) so sometimes it sounds a little more personal than general for a blog - but these are words he wanted to have shared here with everyone - so no worries. He has a great sense of humor and we love him for it.
As he explains briefly about his camera cord - he wasn't able to send pictures just yet. Give him some time to fill the card and send it to Florida, then pictures will be posted here.

Elder White:
The first week of my mission has been very tiring; I believe the words that best describe it are gloriously exhausted. I don't have a bike yet but we are buying one today, my only wish is that my companion wasn't so dang tall. I feel like a midget chasing a giant. His strides are longer than mine and I get shin splints trying to keep up, but he is a super nice guy and very understanding. He has helped me a lot this past week and has helped me adjust to missionary life rather well. For a visual aid [because I brought my camera and not the cord for the camera(i have it, its just not with me at the time of my email)] imagine the guy from hunger games, not the one that goes with her but the one she leaves behind with light brown hair, freakishly tall, and sporting a missionary name tag. Elder Kimball is his name. Oh and by the way i have lost 15 pounds since i have been out here; I walk everywhere and eat like a rabbit. Just so you know that wasn't encouragement to send me junk food! I like it and we go jogging every morning which is fun but it can be difficult to keep up with my companion. He is really patent with me and encourages me to keep up with my diet. I cant give specifics about my investigators but they are wonderful people and have a true desire to come unto Christ.

Oh and there is a blog that the mission president and his wife maintain with information about us and our companions, so if you feel inclined to check it out i don't know what it is so i cant tell you the address to look it up but it is the Los Angeles, California mission. My district went to the temple today and did an endowment session. It was pretty cool to see different Temples paintings and murals, I like the Santa Monica Temples paintings for the sessions more than Salt Lakes just saying. Anyway its been super fun and I love the people. The area around me isn't too different from Florida - all the trees and plants are the same only there are a few trees that look like they came strait out of a doctor Seuss book . . . weird. The area around me is ten degrees colder than any normal day in Florida. It gets dark around here really fast, its like the sun is tired too and wants to run home for sleep. It will be super bright, you experience 15 minutes of sunset, and then its dark. I guess its because I'm not so close to the equator; eh. I love you all, I'm safe and happy and pray that you all are the same.
God be with you till we meet again.

Elder White and his companion Elder Kimball (aka Gale from Hunger Games)

 Elder White is to the far right.
 And in this one Elder White is in the upper right hand corner.

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