Friday, November 14, 2014

Companionship Changes

Communications from Elder white have been less frequent for a while, he has been hard at work. He loves all the correspondence he received from his friends and family and is doing his best to reply to each person.
Sometimes it is difficult though because of time constraints.
Here is a small update from Elder White!
"So something crazy is happening. I am in a companionship that currently is covering a ysa ward and a family ward, but as of today they are splitting up the trio I am in and sending my companion to cover only the YSA ward and me to go cover the family ward. But I will not be getting a new companion! Instead, for the next week I will have a mini missionary as a companion. this mini missionary is going to be studying with me doing weekly planning and all missionary activities for a full week, its going to be freaking awesome!! I go and get him today at four oclock, I have no idea who it is but i'll make sure to take videos and pictures for all of your enjoyment."

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