Friday, June 21, 2013

Fathers Day and New Area

Excerpt  from Elder White:

I am in my new area and have been here for the past two weeks and my new companion is awesome! He is from south Carolina and really funny, he is defiantly a southern kid. Whenever I do something that might be even remotely seen as wrong he just says "eternal fire" or "you're going to hell",  eternal damnation and so forth. He says it in a funny way but also in a way that lets you know that he thinks you can do better.  He does it because his brother did it to him as well if he missed church. He would be sitting there and get a text saying "eternal fire"  or something else of similar damnation. Also, his name is Elder Bounforte (bon-fort is how he like to pronounce it).
The area I'm in is very cushy. It is supper high class and full of white people. All my other areas so far have been lower and mixed areas. It's really funny we got the cops called on us because we were knocking on doors. White people are so stupid there like:
"Oh my gosh there are two nice fine looking young men outside in suits; who only want to talk to me, I think I'll call the cops because i cant be bothered to answer my door."
 And you know whats worse is that we didn't even knock on the door of the individual who called the cops. They saw us down the street and ran in and called the cops before we even got to there house, so yeah, I would say I have meet crazy people. Also, whats better is that that only happens in higher income areas it is completely unheard of in the more humble parts of L.A.
So yeah, that's El Segundo, they don't say it the right way they say it the gringo way

 So the stake president invited us over for dinner on fathers day last night . . . and well . . . I had the best meal ever. They gave us fillet-Mignon, potatoes, corn and chicken and lemon meringue pie with ice cream. Ugh, it was heavenly and awesome. We had very pleasant meal with them and we discussed principals of the gospel afterwards, and too all members of the church I would recommend that every member read or listen too a talk by Diana Holstcher called "missionary next door".
It is a very good talk and gives the way that members can do missionary work effectively and in a way that isn't too uncomfortable for the member because missionary work is hard sometimes and most people have a hard time doing it. This talk addresses almost any concern that you could have to doing missionary work.

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